Nigerian Man Almost Beaten To Death By South Africans(Pics)

As shared by Dike….

‘Help!We’re under attack!

The Nigerian community in Polokwane, Limpopo has been under Xenophobic attack since Monday 13th March 2017. Dozens has been mortally injured and scores displaced with  many feared dead. We appeal on all concerned citizen of the world to please come to our aid or share this message until it reaches the relevant authorities. As I write this, I do not know what fate holds for me and my small family as we are  currently hiding in all manner of unspeakable places just to cling on to dear life.

The pictures attached are of a Nigerian Trader Mr Odinaka who deals in used tyres. He was lynched upon and beaten with all manner of weapons and left for dead on Monday 20th March 2017 at his shop at Cnr Risik and Dahl street. Two other Nigerian man – one a lecturer and the other a Mechanic –  and woman that sells food under the shade were also beaten with clubs and sharp objects and the woman was reportedly ripped off his clothes. These were the Monday attacks alone. Meanwhile, in the days that led to that, they had been going house to house attacking Nigerians and looting their homes.
At this point we do not no what to do. Please help us by sharing this as many times as you can and to as my friends and you have. you might be saving lives. God bless You’.

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