There were incredible scenes at Namatama Grounds in Livingstone, on Friday evening as hundreds of church goers thronged controversial Nigerian Prophet Anointed Andrew CFM who is popularly known as SEER 1, leader of The Christ Freedom Ministries (CFM) bringing the place to a complete standstill.

Extra security forces from around the City of Livingstone had to come out to assist in crowd control and traffic movement.

The crusade was miracle filled. Close to five thousand people were alleged to have been in attendance with many giving their lives to Christ.

Mighty Miracles such as MIRACLE MONEY, Healing, deliverance and many more took place at the crusade.

Hundreds of people who attended his crusade still wanted more and sought to get a touch from the Prophet of God. The front car park at the grounds was brought to a standstill as people pressed forward to try and touch him and many tried to get pictures of him.

Prophet Seer 1 looked dapper in a colourful white jacket,with white trousers and designer brown shoes.

The prophet is headed back to Lusaka ahead of his Miracle service taking place at the New Mandevu basic school opposite OYDC today

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