Terrible Accident Involving Toyota Jeep & Pickup Truck Along Abuja Road,All Passengers Dead(Graphic Photos)

According to Andrew who shared the story,a terrible accident involving a Toyota Highlander jeep and a pick up truck happened yesterday along Abuja road by Jere.All passengers died in the accident.He wrote….


Happened  just now on Abuja road,  by Jere, a ghastly accident involving  a Toyota Highlander jeep and a pick up truck.  The Highlander jeep was on its way to Abuja.  All lives were lost.  Please repost to create  awareness.  About eleven corpses on the ground,  from the pick up truck to the Highlander  jeep.  It happened right in front of me. May the souls of the departed rest in peace'.

May their souls RIP.Amen

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